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View Article  Ray Thorpe from So. Africa
Ray writes:  Ted is no longer living here in Africa and lives near Shirley in a small village called " ...   more »
View Article  Dr. Corlin McGee to be Inaugurated as President of ENC

Dear ENC Community -- Trustees, Faculty, Staff, Administrators, Students, Alumni, and Friends --

I am delighted to announce that Dr. ...   more »

View Article  News From Those Reunion Surveys

These WORDCHIMES are taken from the Reunion Surveys. Those who come to our ‘50th Class Reunion the 15...   more »

View Article  Robert Walters

Robert Walters lives in Romney, WV. He is retired, but is an expert in tracking down addresses and phone numbers ...   more »

View Article  A. Gordon Wetmore

A. Gordon Wetmore and his wife, Alice Jean Shoff, live in Olathe, KS. Gordon is President Emeritus of The Nazarene ...   more »

View Article  Mabel (Brown) Braune

Mabel (Brown) Braune and David, her husband have been traveling lately with friends Sterling and Georgia Smith down Nashville way ...   more »

View Article  Jeanne (St Pierre) Shamp

Jeanne (St. Pierre) Shamp will be coming to the reunion from Clovis, CA. Her husband Don is deceased. She enjoys ...   more »

View Article  Wayne Speakman Remembers ENC

Wayne Speakman and his wife Ruth Albright live in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. He is a retired minister of the ...   more »

View Article  Shirley Thorpe

Shirley Thorpe of Millersburg, OH, is a part-time secretary at the United Methodist Church and is involved in lay-speaking at ...   more »

View Article  Walter Woodbridge

Walter Woodbridge, known by many as "woody,is married to Mary Kathryn Woodring and they live in Lake City, FL. He ...   more »

View Article  Ethel and Alvin Forbes, Reunion Committee

Ethel (Mullen) Young-Forbes, now retired from teaching at Point Loma Nazarene University, lives part of the year in Fullerton, ...   more »

View Article  Merv Bedor, Now in Florida

Merv Bedor, is married to Mary-Ann (known at ENC as Kipp Stewart). He writes that they "moved to FL in ...   more »

View Article  Unbelievable 1 (Jay Bergers)
Given the wisdom through life experiences we have gained, and the amount of time we've had to ...   more »
View Article  Just See Who Will be There!

Just see who will be there!  It is no secret - our 50th Reunion Special Gathering will be held in ...   more »

View Article  Walt Woodbridge
I heard from Tim Woodbridge, Walter's son.  Walter is still in the hospital but doing much, much better.  Tim gives ...   more »
View Article  Bernie Mullen Sends Greetings
 Greetings to all the ENC class of '55!
    The committee is doing a great job in ...   more »
View Article  An embarrassing moment (there have been a few!)

Lila's history made me think of an experience I really don't want in the family history!  LOL!!  Some years ago Barbara and I were at a conference in San Antonio, Texas.  A young man at the conference wanted some volunteers to interview for a college course he was taking.  We volunteered since so many of the participants were leaving the campus as it was an afternoon "off"   Several months later low and behold, I am watching PBS TV and there I am as big as life being interviewed.  Only a brief statement from me but in a context which I did not appreciate! I was shocked!  Others I heard from said the conference leaders were going to contact those responsible since we were promised this stuff would not be "live"!  I never saw it again and assume it was "taken" care of.  Do be careful to whom you tell your troubles, especially if they have a camera.

View Article  Window on the Past, by Lila Harris Kirkwood and Wendy Ruth Kirkwood, Gateway Press, 2004.

    Is there anyone else out there who enjoys family history and searching out the past?   One year ago this month, ...   more »

View Article  Barbara Joan Milstead 1933--1994
Barbara was born and reared in the Washington DC area. She was the only sibling among five to finish high school and then go on to college where she was graduated magna cum laude. She and Quentin Clingerman were married in 1956. Three girls; Vicki, Lori, and Bambi ...   more »
View Article  Lila Harris (Kirkwood)

You may know I'm  Lila Kirwood, mother of Ken and Wendy, retired high school librarian, who, with my husband David ...   more »
View Article  Quentin Clingerman

That tall slender fellow with the "country walk"  is still tall and slender but bald and getting wrinkled.  However, I ...   more »