Ray writes:  Ted is no longer living here in Africa and lives near Shirley in a small village called " Killbuck " Shirley will be able to up date you regarding family matters.  Thanks for including with the news of the other classmates.  I received a very nice message from Bob Walters.  He and I grew up together and attended the same church in Warren, Ohio many years ago.  I don't think I have heard from him for over 35 years or more.  When one has lived abroad as long as I have it is very easy to lose contact with others.  I guess I have been overseas since around 1960 and that's a few years now.  Shirley has lived in the States now for almost 12 years.  I have my own home and she has hers.  I can't tolerate the cold weather and in fact I have given some thought to moving to the coast where the weather is much warmer to here.  Anyway God bless and keep you all.  Ray