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View Article  Happy New Year

Was 1955 a good year?  . . .  Because of that year, was 2005 equally as good?

We have shared in remembering the ol' days of class activities, connections with friends and faculty, preparing for the future.  Then later, remembering where we have been, how we have walked, with whom we have shared, we took stock of the past.

Now, as we look out on the year 2006, may we be prepared with a strong faith in God, close relations with family and friends, and a heart that reaches out in redemption to the world around us.   May God bless you with health and strength in the new year.  Lila

View Article  Merry Christmas

Wishing each one a blessed Christmas.  May the Advent Season fill you with joy and peace. 

For He who was ...   more »

View Article  Check out Al Wakefield's Photos
There are many more views of our Class of '55 Reunion now under "photos" on this website.  This latest group were ...   more »
View Article  final tally of "lost" now found


From the list of class of '55 "lost", current data was established for 47 persons with 34 living, 12 ...   more »

View Article  Photos: Enlargenent

Just a reminder:  You can enlarge the photos by clicking on them.  Enjoy getting reacquainted.  Some you may even recognize ...   more »

View Article  The Continued Story of the Reunion

The Fiftieth Reunion Celebration was a great homecoming event.  There were eighteen of our classmates present with a number of ...   more »

View Article  Class of '55 Reunion

On Oct. 14-15, 2005, the Class of ‘55 gathered for the Fiftieth Anniversary of our graduation from ENC, We were ...   more »

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Just a reminder with all of the really catastrohic disasters occurring around the world.  100% of giving to Compassionate Ministries ...   more »

View Article  Endowment Fund
  We can report with excitement to all classmates on the mailing list that the minimum goal of $10,000 has ...   more »
View Article  class of '55...the remaining "lost"

Please take a look at the following names.  If you have current information or some helpful clues, please contact me ...   more »

View Article  More Updates from Classmates

          More WORDCHIMES  for those of us who enjoy connecting with friends from our ENC days and who occasionally ...   more »

View Article  A note from Amy

A note from Amy, daughter of Dorothy Austin Leonardi, to Aldine Jackson whose gift to the Class of ‘55 Endowed ...   more »

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View Article  We remember . . .
In memory of those we loved in our ENC years who are now gone ...   more »
View Article  Shirley and Roy Quanstrom2
Dear Lila
Thank you for keeping us posted on the excellent progress of the class of 1955 toward their ...   more »
View Article  Class of '55 Endowed Scholarship

Are you really a supporter of ENC?  Get on board with the scholarship appeal. This is the message recently received ...   more »

View Article  Shirley and Roy Quanstrom
Shirley (Martin) Quanstrom and husband Roy, live in Peoria, IL, where she now...    more »
View Article  Gill Jackson in Need of Prayer

Gil Jackson, our Class President, is back in the hospital today.  Aldine wrote, "We  value your prayers on his behalf.  ...   more »

View Article  Vange (Smith) Cesarotti
I am excited about our upcoming reunion.
When I came to our 45th. and ENC's 100th. - that was ...   more »
View Article  Note from Walt Woodbridge
I am feeling stronger every day. My appetite is improving. I am out walking twice a day and taking some ...   more »
View Article  Class of '55: Finding the "lost"


Sterling Smith(my ENC roommate) and Georgiana(Spaite) Smith have been my dear and appreciated friends since ENC days.  Because of that long friendship, I agree to help find "lost" members of the class of '55.

ENC provided me with a list of about 70 names.  So far, I've established the current status of thirty people with 18 living, 11 deceased and one MISSING PERSON case.

The female names are most difficult because of name changes due to marriage.  ENC gives me no hints as to maiden names.  Thus, when the given last name is not listed in the old Nautilus', I'm forced to go through the Nautilus, looking for a first name and middle initial that may be a match. (Actually, that has worked.)

The unfound names on the "lost" list remain illusive.  I'm thinking of posting a list of those names on this web site in hopes that someone out there may have helpful information to share.  I'll do that soon. 

I consider friendship to be the highest human achievement and to lose contact with an old friend is like losing a treasure.  I hope you will be willing and able to help me.

Bob Walters


View Article  Walt Woodbridge
Tim Woodbrodge. Walter's son, reports that his father is doing much, much better.  Walter hopes to go home within a ...   more »
View Article  John Anderson
A letter to me from John Anderson...   more »
View Article  Bernie Mullen Sends Greetings
 Greetings to all the ENC class of '55!
    The committee is doing a great job in ...   more »
View Article  Wayne Speakman
Wayne sends his regards and trusts that all who attend will find great pleasure in renewing old friendships.  He will not be able to attend the festivities.
View Article  Introducing the ENC 'Class of '55 Reunion

Lila Harris Kirkwood writes:

Don't miss these important events:

The 50th Reunion Special Gathering will be held in Spangenberg Parlor at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday , October 15, at ENC  Also , try to be present at the Friday, 4:30 p.m.. Alumni Banquet as our class is inducted into the ENC "Gold Club".  Come on Saturday to the 9:00 a.m.. breakfast buffet for reunion classes and the 12:00 noon "Gold Club" Reunion Luncheon.

Class of '55 Endowed Scholarship Fund.  Watch for Sterling Smith's letter in mid-June and prepare to join others in giving to this important cause.

Merilyn Hassell will meet you at the door with a designer name-tag and you will begin to greet those old friends and meet some new ones.  Georgianna and Merilyn will welcome you to a table of goodies and only Don knows what direction the program will take us.  Hopefully, there will be a photographer to record the event  Come and urge your friends to attend.

Alumni at 1995 reunion

Alumni at 2000 reunion

   more »