I am excited about our upcoming reunion.
When I came to our 45th. and ENC's 100th. - that was the high light of my
year. Now Joe will get to meet some of the people that I continue to talk
about after all these years.
I remember - when we were in school - the Sever brothers always came back
to school with healthy tanned faces. I wondered if pineapples and oranges
and bananas really did grow in yards and they said'yes they do'. I never
dreamed that I would live in south Fl.- ever - I have been here since 1957
and love it.
 I am attaching 3 pictures - me and Joe - one with children and one with  children and grandchildren. I would love to see pictures from others.
 See you all in Oct.
 Prayers and hugs to all,
Vange (Smith) Cesarotti