A note from Amy, daughter of Dorothy Austin Leonardi, to Aldine Jackson whose gift to the Class of ‘55 Endowed Scholarship is in memory of Dorothy, who was maid of honor at her wedding ...  (also, see following article showing the listing of other deceased members of our class)

     I got your letter in the mail yesterday. I had a good cry at your thoughtfulness and generosity and, of course, the memory of my mother. She would be very happy to know she's being honored in this way. Education was always something she valued highly and she loved her time at ENC.
     She has 5 grandchildren in total now. The oldest, my daughter Jessica, turned 19 in August and is a junior at Sweet Briar College in Virginia (she graduated a year early from high school). She rides on the equestrian team there -- horses are the love of her life -- and is doing well academically as a psychology major.
     My brother, E.J. and his wife have a 15-yr old son, Nick; a 13-yr. old daughter, Allison Dorothy; and identical twin 9-yr. old boys, Jackson and Joseph. They are all great kids. My mother would be very proud.
     Aldine, please let me know how you and your family are doing, and if there's anything else you can tell me about my mother. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you... Amy