Sterling Smith(my ENC roommate) and Georgiana(Spaite) Smith have been my dear and appreciated friends since ENC days.  Because of that long friendship, I agree to help find "lost" members of the class of '55.

ENC provided me with a list of about 70 names.  So far, I've established the current status of thirty people with 18 living, 11 deceased and one MISSING PERSON case.

The female names are most difficult because of name changes due to marriage.  ENC gives me no hints as to maiden names.  Thus, when the given last name is not listed in the old Nautilus', I'm forced to go through the Nautilus, looking for a first name and middle initial that may be a match. (Actually, that has worked.)

The unfound names on the "lost" list remain illusive.  I'm thinking of posting a list of those names on this web site in hopes that someone out there may have helpful information to share.  I'll do that soon. 

I consider friendship to be the highest human achievement and to lose contact with an old friend is like losing a treasure.  I hope you will be willing and able to help me.

Bob Walters