Barbara was born and reared in the Washington DC area.  She was the only sibling among five to finish high school and then go on to college where she was graduated magna cum laude.  She and Quentin Clingerman were married in 1956.  Three girls; Vicki, Lori, and Bambi were born to the union. (There are now thirteen grandchildren.)

She worked at the Nazarene Publishing House and was an elementary school teacher while Quentin was in seminary.  She worked for the post office after the third child was born, then started teaching again.  After moving to their own home in Monrovia, Maryland she started her own knitting and crocheting business, called the Knitting Nut. With the long gas lines and increasing costs of living more and more women went out to work in the 80s and her business fell off.  With daughters in college, she worked as a Temporary in the data processing field. In 1987 whe was diagnosed with lymphoma. After a long illness dealing with complications from the cancer treatment she finally succumbed to heart failure in 1994. 

She worked diligently in the church in many roles among them: Sunday School teacher, NMI treasurer, board member, church treasurer, and organist.  (She played the organ at church two weeks before she died.)

She was a voracious reader (mostly light romances) and loved travelling. The family travelled all over the continguous United States and eastern Canada.  She also enjoyed canning and baking bread when she was not working outside of the home full time.

She was a loving and strict disciplinarian as mother.  She was a loving and strict disciplinarian as wife!  She and Quentin were married thirty eight and a half years.

One of their girls, Bambi, is a graduate of ENC (Class of '86) and married Tony Steelman (Class of '87--nongraduate).

Their oldest daughter is a graduate, summa cum lauda, of North Carolina Wesleyan. The middle daughter, Lori, is a graduate, summa cum lauda, of Mid America Nazarene College.

Barbara is buried at the Union Cemetery near Burtonsville, Maryland. She remains in the family's hearts forever.  Her legacy is found in three very active ladies in their respective churches.  Her love of Christ and His Church very evident.