These WORDCHIMES are taken from the Reunion Surveys. Those who come to our ‘50th Class Reunion the 15th and 16th of October will pick up a paper copy of the Surveys and learn even more about your classsmates

Yoji Akashi, with wife Muneko, live in Nagoya, Japan. Yoji anticipates the editing of Japanese military documents relating to Malaya and Singapore, 1941-1945 and writing books about the subject. He plans to come to the Oct. Class Reunion.

Jane (Little) Buxton of Wooster, OH, is a member of a Salvation Army seniors group and a Nazarene small group. She gives much of her time in service to her community, through a block program for the less affluent people of Wooster. Jane. was married for thirty-six years to Gaylord, until his death two-and-one-half years ago.

Allen S Halberg and wife Judy live in Bellows Falls, VT. He is a retired science teacher, with experience in administration and fund raising (ENC take note). With an interest in world cultures and American History, he plans to travel. His favorite memories of ENC are conversations with President Edward Mann and biology classes with Professor Babcock.

Marjorie Merritts, retired missionary teacher to Papua New Guinea, is now at home in Waterford, MI, where she is caring for her sister. She says, "I am thankful for the Lord’s presence and the blessings we enjoy."

Bernie Mullen and wife Jeannine, of Ontario, Canada, plan to attend the Class of ‘55 Reunion in October. They were there with others of us five years ago in 2000. Bernie is a retired teacher and is editing a family genealogical newsletter. ( Will we see birds he has carved from basswood.)

Ray Thorpe continues to live in Roodepoort, South Africa, after having served as a Nazarene missionary in Africa for forty years.

Dr. Ancel Tikasingh and his wife Theresa live in Grass Valley, CA. Their two children are graduates of ENC. He is a retired professor in the Behavioral Sciences in Education and served as chairman of the Lieut. Governor’s Commission in Intergroup Relations. He enjoys camping, traveling, reading and listening to classical music.

Roger Young and his wife, Jane Schlosser, live in Lakewood, CO; where he is Associate Pastor of the Lakewood Church of the Nazarene and Grief Counselor at the Lutheron Hospital of Denver, CO. They are planning to come to the class reunion in October.