That tall slender fellow with the "country walk"  is still tall and slender but bald and getting wrinkled.  However, I still think young.  Recently bought a home in Longs, South Carolina so I can escape the harsher northern winters.  Still have a contractual place to stay in what was my home in MD when I am there.  Barbara Milstead and I wed in Jan. '56.  We had three daughters.  Barbara died in June of '94.  I now have thirteen grandchildren!  I just learned that the first of my grandchildren will be getting married on October 15 on the lawn where his parents were married.  I am a retired educator (after 35 years), serving the church as I can, doing voluntary work, visiting and corresponding with a fellow in prison, and "working with" a very bright but psychologically challenged man which keeps life quite interesting.  He is in SC and I am in MD for the summer which gives me a needed reprieve!  Christ is Lord of my life. Though I fall far short I endeavor to serve Him faithfully.  God has been and is the source of hope and optimism and joy in my life.