I received this email this a.m. from Walt's son, Tim. 


Just a quick note - this is Tim Woodbridge - I am writing from Dad's e-mail to let you know that he has been in the hospital since last Sunday (and in the ICU for 3 days this last week).  Unfortunately, he has had some serious complications from the radiation and chemo for his latest case of colon cancer.  His systems actually all started to shut down shortly after he had checked into the hospital (Lake City Medical Center - Room 229) on Sunday, so he had to be moved to the ICU until they could get him stablized.    He is in his own room ("Intermediate Care" I think they call it...) now - although we had a challenging first day as the various medications he was on left him very disoriented and he kept trying to get out of bed - so we have been teasing him about remembering the rule - no moving unless he's told!! 
I have been down here since Thursday and he had made some fairly good progress - but he certainly continues to need your prayers and a real healing touch from God!  We did have him up on his feet several  times today - but his colon is a major concern for the doctors - so we are praying that his body continues to recover.  Sorry this is so short - but wanted to let everyone know.  He is very disappointed about not being able to go to Brooktondale for camp this year, so that is another thing you can pray for - that he keeps his spirits up as well.