by Walter R. Woodbridge, Class of '55

The family is gathered, it is time to hear from God’s word.
Father has his Bible that has become abit tattered and worn.
He has everyone’s attention, for he is the head of his house.
No one dares to disturb what is about to take place.
For nothing is as sacred as this hallowed hour when the family
Will bow their heads as they sing, “Amazing Grace.”
The children have learned this is no time to play,
For Father will be saying,” It is time to pray.”
The hour is late. And the children should be in bed
But that is no excuse to miss the time for Family Altar.
Even the family dog is afraid to move from his position.
He’s learned that it is best to follow tradition.
Mother holds the little one, it’s never too early for them
To know that God loves them just like all the rest.
Sleep has already overcome the oldest boy, and the next
In line is about to seek to find cover.
It has been a long day and darkness has fallen,
But no one can really rest well until the Bible has been read,
And prayers have said and the final Amen.
The oldest girl has come in late with her date.
A lecture is coming, she is sure of that.
Her boyfriend has some explaining to do.
For he had promised that he would have her home
Long before sundown, and now it is long past the hour.
Father loves all his children that God has given, but he holds
A special place for his daughters, who need a guiding hand.
Though he loves them, yet firm he will be, when it comes to responsibility.
Little Johnny, sits in rapt attention, for one day he hopes to be
A preacher man, just like his Uncle Jim.
The day is over, and the Family Altar is finished.
God’s blessings rests upon everyone, and tomorrow will be a better day
Because the family has taken time to pray together.