by Walter R. Woodbridge, Class of '55

Little unknown is this man of faith.
A man beloved, known for his hospitality.
He was not called as some
To take to the roads of earth,
To herald the Message of Christ.
But he made sure that those who
Came his way, would have a shelter
And food to eat, and rest for the day ahead.
He also encouraged others to do the same.
Though he was not called to go,
He made sure that those who did,
Would never lack for shelter on their way.
He opened his heart, home, and purse
To make their mission a real success,
Inspite of the arduous journey the followers of Jesus took.
“Go," their Master commanded, and so they went.
“Preach this Gospel,”they  heard it ringing in their ears.
The whole world must hear the message of truth.
“Lo, I am with you always," empowered them all their days.
In our world today, men and women are answering
The call of Christ to the Great Commission.
“Go” Christ still commands and they go,
“Preach this Gospel to every creature” Christ pleads.
“Teach them” that men not stray from the path.
“Be assured, my presence will be with you always.”
To comfort and strengthen wherever you may go.
But what about those who remain behind?
What is their part to play in the Kingdom work?
May they like Gaius of old, open their hearts and purse
To be involved in bringing Christ to the whole world.
Beginning where we are, sharing Christ with loved ones
And those we rub elbows with, in our everyday walk.
Then give of our means that others may go to the world
Christ loved and gave His life to redeem.

Inspired by 3rd Epistle of John 1-8.